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!BREAKING! Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Switch Vers. Information

During a live conference regarding the Monster Hunter franchise for a Monster Hunter based competition, the recently announced Switch port of the 3DS game Monster Hunter XX was detailed a bit more.


During the stage presence, we received a release date for the currently Japan-exclusive port, August 25, 2017! Keep in mind, the Nintendo Switch IS region free, so let’s hope for an English language… Or perhaps a localization confirmation at E3, huh Capcom?!

Also at the conference, it was revealed that Japan would be receiving a Monster Hunter XX Switch Vers. Premium console bundle with a themed Switch dock for the suggested retail price of ¥36,280. (Roughly about $325 US, when converted directly.)

Update! Not just the dock, the console itself as well!


Bear in mind, as we mentioned this is all exclusive to Japan as of now, but the console is region free so importing is absolutely an option.


Other than the release date and bundle reveal, there were a few details dropped regarding connectivity with the Nintendo 3DS version, which is a version still exclusive to Japan, mind you. During the conference, there were a few images that showcased save transfers not only for Monster Hunter XX, but also Monster Hunter X into the Switch version. Though, while XX saves and data can transfer back and forth between versions, X data can only be transferred to the Switch, but not back.

That’s not where the connectivity ends, however! Also shown were more images regarding connectivity, including cross-play between the 3DS and Switch console (at least via an internet connection), wireless local four player co-op via Switch adhoc, or even two Switch units with two 3DS players (again, via internet for 3DS croas-compatibility), and more! Now, keep in mind, we’re not fluent in Japanese, so we’re basing most of this news based upon translations around social media during the conference, but the images speak for themselves!

So how do you feel about all of this Monster Hunter goodness? Personally, we really hope for FE localization news in a few weeks during E3, or at the very least an English language option so we can at least import the Japanese version. Let us know your thoughts!


Hold it! That’s not all! We were also treated to a trailer for the Switch version of the game. Enjoy!

Keep in mind, this is a port of a 3DS title, so visual fidelity isn’t to Switch standards. Still better than 240p, though!

Update! Not that this is all that surprising since it is just a port of a 3DS game, but the Nintendo Switch version has been confirmed to run in 1080p docked, 720p handheld!


Source: CapcomChannel

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