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Non-News News: Nintendo Isn’t Holding a Conference at E3 this Year! [UPDATE! POINT PROVEN!]

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again. The time of year where Spring nears its end and Summer approaches in just a few short weeks. The time when the majority of video game companies are rounding out their fiscal years and holding investors meetings to look back and reflect upon the past year as well as put forth their plans for the newly beginning fiscal year. E3, one of, if not the largest video game dedicated events of the year is quickly approaching and we’re all awaiting that week with full on excitement and anxiousness.

As E3 approaches in a mere seven weeks or so, rumors, predictions and the like will begin cropping up from every major outlet, and even smaller unknown ones (like our own; although we may not do predictions–it’s undecided at the time of writing). The predictions are expected. The rumors even more so… but what’s even more expected than rumors and predictions combined? The larger media outlets utilizing click-bait tactics to make certain companies look bad because being positive doesn’t get the clicks, of course! In this case, as it usually is, it’s Nintendo. You see, as E3 approaches, it just wouldn’t feel right without large gaming “journalist” sites posting click-bait fueled “overreactions” to Nintendo making a particular announcement during their annual fiscal year investor’s briefing. You’ve probably all seen the headlines by this point, right?




“Despite Strong Switch Sales, Nintendo is Skipping E3!”

Look familiar yet? Maybe if we threw on some other site’s logos like a certain Rant of Games or Poly whomst are Gon or even one Escapingist outlet of “journalism” would trigger your memories into noticing you’ve been reading these exact same headlines for the past five years.

That’s right, it’s the time of year again to pretend like Nintendo is forgoing E3 altogether and taking the quote out of context, when in actuality… all they’re doing is skipping the large, expensive, unnecessary stage presser in favor of the smaller, cheaper, more easily controlled and timed Nintendo Direct and Treehouse Live events. Now, while the Direct and Treehouse hasn’t been 100% confirmed, there are no doubts in our minds this is what’s going to happen. Let us show you the actual quote in context from Nintendo’s current president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Oh, would you look at that! All he says is “we will not be hosting a large-scale press conference for institutional investors, analysts and the media.” He never once states they won’t be at E3 as the click-bait fueled larger sites want to lead you to believe. He even makes it a point to state that Nintendo of America will provide further information on their exact time and plans at a later date. Still don’t believe that this is a screencap straight from the source? Fret not, fellow gamers! We have the .pdf file right here!! [HINT, HINT; IT’S ON THE VERY BOTTOM OF PAGE 19/20!]

So what’s our point here? Why go through all this just to point something so blatantly obvious out? Well, you see… the clickbait from those other sites is causing a slew of misinformation to spread, and there are people legitimately making false claims that Nintendo won’t be at E3 at all due to skipping the expensive stage presser like they’ve done for half a decade. It happens every year, and we wanted to just point that out and say… Don’t believe the internet hate; it’s mostly false as usual. I mean, don’t take my word for it. Nintendo has one of the largest floorplans at this year’s E3, second only to Sony from the looks of things… if they were really skipping E3, would they really be paying for that much space on the floor? Come on, now.

To summarize; Nintendo isn’t holding a big expensive press conference, but they absolutely, positively 300% will be at E3. Most likely it’ll be a big Nintendo Direct followed by the Treehouse Live gameplay showings throughout the rest of the week… just like they’ve been doing for five years. Why would they go back to conferences when Direct and Treehouse is working even better than the conferences ever did for them? So, the next time a certain interactive network of gaming or spot for games tries to click-bait you into believing they won’t be at E3… don’t believe it. Just laugh it off and move on. Let’s end click-bait and stop giving these faux journalists the time of day they don’t deserve. Of course, we’re a bunch of nobodies; so why would anyone listen to what we have to say? We don’t even have ads on our blog so we must not be trustworthy, right?

Anyways; let’s wrap this up. Just wanted to rant a bit about the most non-news news to come up for the week. Will we continue to call out posts like this? Likely. Keep an eye out for “Non-News News” posts in the future; but who knows when that’ll be since we rarely post here. Until next time, happy gaming!


CONFIRMED!! We were absolutely correct. WHO KNEW?!

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