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Review System WIP

Quick update to our hobby here, but we’re thinking of building up a sort of review or scoring system for ourselves.

What we have in mind currently is to stray away from your typical number based, or star based systems, but to “certify” games (or anything else we share opinions over) with an element from the periodic table. We won’t focus on the atomic number, but will go by the typical rarity of the element. As an example, we’re going to begin by using the follwing system;


Certified Copper: These titled are generally passable for one reason or another. In other words, the ones we deem a waste of time, or are too broken to even attempt experiencing.


Certified Silver: These titles tend to be mediocre to okay. Not terrible, but not great either.


Certified Gold: Great titles will receive the Golden Element.


Certified Platinum: The best of the best, our favorite titles and the ones we enjoy the most and are relatively polished will receive Platinum Certification.

If you have any suggestions for us or ideas to keep in line with the Chemistry name and theme, please let us know!

Please also keep in mind, any reviews, quick thoughts or opinions we share are ours and ours alone, and will definitely be subjective. We will try to keep levels of polish, bugginess, etc in mind when dropping our certification rating, but as with most “reviews,” majority will be based on opinion and personal preference unless we get enough feedback requesting otherwise.

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