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More Updates!

Hello again, everyone!

We’ve been spending some time changing the site even more, and just wanted to post a quick update on our progress. The blog is pretty much set up now, but design-wise amongst other behind the scenes updates it’s still very much a work-in-progress, and likely will always be in-progress to an extent.

Our efforts to change and rebrand continue! The YouTube channel is still awaiting the possibility of a custom URL, but has been officially migrated to our new Brand Account, away from “Gaming Confessions” and toward the new name, Games Chemistry you see here. In-fact, other than the Twitter handle being “GamConf,” which will frankly never change, our next step is to rebrand Twitch. What this means is creating a new Twitch account altogether, which… you know… isn’t a big deal since we have like… four followers not counting those who help me with the Facebook page on occasion. ANYWAYS! We’re changing, and we hope you stick around and enjoy the changes! If you have any ideas for the future, let me know, let us know, let someone know.

Any feedback is very much appreciated, but as usual, I’m not expecting much.

Happy gaming!

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